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It is always a nice feeling to have heated oil rubbed into the muscles of your head after a tiring day.

Massage therapy is one of the most common and therapeutic forms of treatment available anywhere in the world. A hot oil massage session typically consists of a therapist massaging their client’s head or body with heated oil. This oil could be any food-grade oil or a product manufactured specifically for massage. You do not need a therapist for a regular hot oil massage, but it is not incorrect to state that trained hands obviously are much more effective. 

Hot Oil Massage Benifits

You could use any type of oil for the hot oil massage therapy.
Coconut oil is a traditional choice and a very good one because it is a very effective moisturizing agent.
Olive oil is also a popular choice because it comes with numerous healthy properties.
People also use a combination of different oils to get a combination of benefits.


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