How Often Should You Get A Head Massage

How Often Should You Get A Head Massage?


A good head massage is relaxing. Whether you use your fingertips to massage the scalp or use a massage tool which is also known as Orgasmatron, a good head massage benefits you in many ways. Though it may not reduce hair fall, it can help to grow new hair by improving blood circulation. But how often should you get a head massage? Should you get it from a spa therapist? If you do, how frequently should you get it? This is our topic today. We have an elaborated discussion on head massage, its benefits, and its frequency. Therefore, stay tuned!

How Often Should You Get A Head Massage?

Head Massage

Three to four times a week should be effective if you’re a busy person. However, daily massage would bring in a better result. Since it is not possible to visit the hair spa or therapist every day, you can do it yourself. The more frequent the hair massage you get, the faster the result. Still, getting a professional touch in everything is good. So, you can get a professional head massage at least once in a month.

But how long should a hair massage session be? Well, it depends on the expertise of the massage provider. Professionals can do it faster and in a proficient way where at home it may take longer if you do it on your own. However, you’ll be skillful in no time as it’s nothing complex to understand. Therefore, a daily massage of five to ten minutes is good for growing healthy hair. 

Should You Massage Your Hair Every Day?

Using oil can be messy sometimes and it will pull dirt to the hair. And washing off the oil build-up on the scalp is another pain. So, it is okay even if you don’t use extra oil every time. Your scalp has its own natural oil. And you can give a dry massage if you don’t feel like doing a proper hair massage. You don’t have to massage the scalp every single day. However, it may help you to improve your hair growth.

Does A Scalp Massage Cause Hair Loss?

You may have seen or experienced some shedding when doing a head massage. And you might think that this happened due to the massage. Many have the same delusion that scalp massage may cause your hair loss but it doesn’t. It is very common to lose about a hundred hair strands per day. You may lose hair due to other reasons, like- medication, vitamin deficiency, lack of sleep, and many more. Also, if you massage the head in an inappropriate way, this may lead to hair loss. Since you have to massage the scalp gently and not pull or rub the hair. When you rub it with the palm, the hair can break off easily.

Does A Scalp Massage Really Work?

The natural elements in the oil help to stimulate the hair follicles when you give your head a proper massage. It improves blood circulation. Thus the nutrition reaches the root of the hair and speeds up the hair growth.

A 2016 study done on a very small number of the Japanese male population has shown that regular scalp massage with a massage tool improves hair thickness. Also, the hair growth rate was increased due to the four minutes long scalp massage. So, there should be no doubt that a head massage is beneficial for improving your overall hair growth.

Benefits of the Scalp Massage

Here are some certain benefits that you can get from a scalp massage

  • Improves blood circulation to your head and hair.
  • Speeds up healthy and natural hair growth.
  • May improve the hair thickness and overall health of your hair.
  • A head massage is soothing and relaxing. Thus it helps to reduce stress and muscle pain.
  • It also helps to think effectively, concentrate, and have a better memory.
  • It helps to reach the oxygen and nutrition to the root of the hair.
  • Through a head massage your hair gets the necessary supply of the vital oils.
  • A head massage before sleep helps you to fall asleep faster and sleep better. And a peaceful sleep affects the mind and body positively.

So, these are some primary benefits that you may get from a scalp massage.

How Should the Head Massage Be?

Now you can get a head massage from a spa therapist. However, you can get it at home by yourself without any extra dollars spent. This might not be as relaxing or as professional as the spa center but you can get almost similar benefits. And you can visit the spa center for hair therapy or scalp massage occasionally any time. So, here is the step by step process of a scalp massage.

  • Get the hair oil you use regularly. Or you can get yourself some organic oil with some essential herbs in it.
  • It is better if you use warm oil as it benefits more than and absorbs better than the oil that is cold or in normal temperature.
  • Pour a limited amount of oil in a bowl and warm it slightly in the microwave. It should be lukewarm so that you can touch it with bare hands. Also, take only the amount you can use at once.
  • Put a few drops of oil on your palm and with your finger tips apply it on the sections of the scalp evenly.
  • Massage the oil thoroughly on your scalp. However, be gentle and use only your finger tips, not the nails. Move the fingers in a circular pattern while applying gentle pressure instead of rubbing oil all over the hair.
  • Go section by section. When you are done massaging on one rapt for a minute, move to the next side.
  • Putting oil in the scalp is the main goal here, not on the hair. However, you can apply the residue on your hair when the scalp massaging is done.
  • Try to cover massaging all the parts including the crown, forehead, and the back of your neck. Focus especially on the crown and the forehead area. Since most of the time hair growth reduces on these spots. Also, you have to massage the temple area if there is also a lack of hair.
  • After you have done the massage, put on a head cap and rest for ten minutes. It is required to let the oil soak into the scalp.
  • Now, you may take a shower or wash your hair if you like.

Hair massaging is easy and requires no prior or special skill. And it will cost you nothing. But if you see an opposite result, you better stop and see your hair doctor. However, doing a head massage once or twice in a month is not enough. You have to be committed about getting the massage more often to see a visible change in your hair growth. So, try to get it on a more regular basis.

Tips for Hair Growth

Only head massaging is not going to give you the best hair growth result. These tips are great to follow besides doing the scalp massage-

  • Do not use the hair dryer regularly. Try to dry your hair in the open air. Also, limit the use of hair styling tools that require heating up. It damages your hair and its natural shine.
  • If you have excessive hair loss without any logical reason, consult your physician and check out if you have any nutrition deficiency.
  • Lessen the usage of hair dyes and other chemical treatments. Using excessive shampoo, conditioner, and other hair products made mainly with chemicals are not good for the health of your hair.
  • Get professional hair treatment if your case is serious. You may get a laser therapy or hair transplant depending on the conditions.
  • Last but not the least; get proper nutrition through your diet. You should include foods that are good for your skin and hair. Eat fresh fruits, nuts, and veggies more. Consider taking enough protein. Take necessary supplements if required.

Final Words

Hair massaging has been in human history for a long time. Both men and women can take a head massage despite their gender. And when it comes to the frequency of the massage, you should get a head massage at least three to four times a week to see an improvement in your hair growth. Therefore, you can get a scalp massage every other day. And you can do that daily if you have a bit of spare time and want to see a faster result. But if you are having excess hair loss, do consult a trichologist (who handles the problems related to hair and scalp and provides the treatments as well) as soon as possible.  I can assure you that it will be beneficial for your hair health if you do it properly on a regular basis. And it helps to relax and sleep better. So, why not getting a head massage more often?